Doula Clients

On this page you will find book recommendations, documents, links to informational websites and videos that will help you and your partner navigate through this new and sometimes confusing phase in both of your lives. I hope that the information provided will both help and empower you.



Birth Preferences: These documents are a way to communicate with your care providers about your goals and preferences but are not meant to be a replacement for open communication with members of your care team. Even if you're planning to birth at home or at a birthing center, it is a good idea to create a birth wish list document; it is always good to be prepared in the event of an unforeseen complication and transfer. It is important to use these as a guide knowing that what you want and what your options are might change.

Example Birth Preference Documents: Sample 1 Sample 2  Sample 3  Sample 4 Sample 5 Multiple Samples  Planned Cesarean

Informed Consent: When presented with recommendations or suggestions for interventions by your care provider, use these questions to better understand and obtain information about the procedure and your options. Informed Consent

Understanding your coping style: Reflecting on how to cope with pain, anxiety, and stress in your life can be a helpful tool in identifying coping strategies that may be helpful during labor.Understanding Your Coping Style

Pain Scale:: Review this scale and its descriptions of a variety of different preferences and approaches to pain medications. Determine where you fall on this scale, and have your partner identify where he/she would like you to fall on this scale. Then discuss! This is something that we can also discuss further your prenatal visits. Pain Scale 

Support Methods: This is list of common support methods that are often used in labor. This list may be a helpful way to generate self reflection and conversation about what methods of support you may find helpful in labor. Comfort in Labor

Birth Affirmations: Read through these positive affirmations. Do any in particular resonate with you or your partner? Affirmations are a powerful tool towards re-framing the "pain" of birth into something that is safe, meaningful, and positive. Positive Birth Affirmations

Positions in Labor: Here are a few examples of positions that can be helpful in labor and birth. Positions in Labor

Positions in Labor with an Epidural: Just because you have an epidural doesn't mean that you can't benefit from frequent position changes! Positions in Labor with an Epidural

Perineal Massage: this document explains how to and the benefits of perennial massage. Perineal Massage



Evidence Based Birth: This website is focused on birth and does a great job explaining the evidence for and against common interventions such as antibiotics in labor, induction, and newborn medications. Evidence Based Birth

Birthing Naturally:  This website has some great tools for creating a birth plan, including multiple examples, as well as lots of tools that you and your partner can explore while preparing for childbirth. Birthing Naturally

Spinning Babies: This website has a wealth of information on how to get your baby into the optimal fetal position while pregnant with daily and weekly activities as well a things you can do in labor to helper baby into the correct position. Spinning Babies

Childbirth Connection: This is another website that does a great job at breaking down the most recent research for those who are interested in learning more about evidence-based care. Childbirth Connection

Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn: This website contains a variety of PDFs on pregnancy, birth, and postpartum related topics. It has comparison charts for things such as medications in labor, has birth plan crafting tools, and lots of tools for preparing for childbirth with your partner. Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn

Lamaze: Check out their blog for some great articles on a variety of common questions and concerns, and their video section for some great evidence based information that's easy to understand. Lamaze

Kelly Mom: This website covers an extensive number of topics and provides clear, straightforward, and evidence-based information, along with links for those wanting to investigate a topic further. Kelly Mom

ICAN: This website has useful information for first time moms and moms attempting a VBAC. ICAN

Normal Fed: This is a great website that provides information about how babies eat, how to manage common breastfeeding issues, and how partners/other family members can bond with the baby outside of feeding. Normal Fed

La Leche League: In addition to their local meetings, la leche league has some great online resources covering a full spectrum of breastfeeding related topics. La Leche League

This web site has lots of information and a Q&A section. Breastfeeding Basics

The Partner's Role in Breastfeeding Support

Hear is a great website about local help with baby wearing. BWI

Another Website with toutorials on baby wearing. Babywearing 102

Postpartum Depression: This website offers support and has useful links. Postpartum Depression

This is also a helpful website to learn about postpartum depression and a place to get help. Postpartum Progress



Optimal Fetal Positioning: Learn about why the left occiput anterior position is the best position for birth. Spinning Babies

Induction: information on why or why not to induce. Evidence on inducing Labor -   Giving Birth Naturally 

Pain Management Options: (Overview) : including both pharmacologic and non pharmacologic approaches. Pain Management Options

VBAC: A great resource for women who are planning to have a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC)VBAC

Another good resource A midwives recommendation for a successful VBAC

Cesarean Birth: This document has some great suggestions for ways to approach and prepare for a planned cesarean. Cesarean Birth

New born test and procedures

Gate Control Theory of Pain Control

Cholestasis of Pregnancy

Medication Used in Preeclampsia

What is Preeclampsia


This is a short video showing how a partner can do Perineal Massage. Perineal Massage By Partner

And this is the how to for Self Perineal Massage. Self Perineal Massage

This animation does a great job demonstrating cervical change and baby's cardinal movements during vaginal delivery. Vaginal Childbirth Video

Here is another animation with with a description of each stage. Inside pregnancy

This is a beautiful video that shows how supportive and loving a partner can be during labor and birth, as well as showing a beautiful, natural, hospital delivery. Birth Video

Penny Simkin YouTube Channel: These are some great, short, videos, on a variety of topics, including epidurals (video 1 video 2) , delayed cord clamping, and coping in labor

Here is a video with simple exercises that you can do to help get baby in the optimal position. 7 Easy Exercises


This is a video about How to use a yoga ball in birth

This is a great video showing how babies can self attach.  Self Attachment Video

Here is a video that  does a good job explaining epidurals and showing one mom's journey from getting her epidural through pushing, delivery, and postpartum. Birth with an Epidural

Here is a video with step by step explanation  of how a C-Section is preformed there is animation but also live images of an actual C-Section. C-Section Video




Pregnancy & Infant Care

The Birth Partner By Penny Simkin

Ina Mays Guide To Childbirth By Ina May Gaskin

Pregnancy Child Birth and the Newborn ByPenny simkin, April Bolding, Ann Keppler, Janelle Durham, Janet Whalley 

Our Bodies, Ourselves Pregnancy and Birth By The Boston Women's Health Book Collective and Judy Norsigian

Birthing From Within By Pam England & Rob Horowitz

Childbirth Without Fear By Grantly Dick-Read

Spiritual Midwifery By Ina May Gaskin


Natural Childbirth After Cesarean: A Practical Guide By Karis Crawford & Johanne C. Walters

The Essential C-section Guide By Maureen Connolly & Dana Sullivan

Strategies for the C-section Mom: A complete Fitness Nutrition, and lifestyle Guide By Mary Beth Knight & James Rosenthal


Breastfeeding made simple Seven Natural Laws for Nursing Mothers By Nancy Mohrbacher &  Kathleen Kendall-Tackett 

The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding ByDiane Wiessinger & Diana West

The Nursing Mothers Companion ByKathleen Huggins