Yoga for Beginners - We will discusses what your goals are and build a personal sequence for you to practice at home. Starting with beginner yoga sequences, foundational yoga poses, and answers to your questions on the basics of yoga. You will build the strength and confidence to take your yoga practice deeper.

Fee $150 for a private two hour workshop.


Restore, Renew & Relax - Stress can take its toll on our body, our nervous system and our mind. This workshop is about relaxation – physically, mentally and emotionally. We will support, cushion and cradle you, so the physical body can completely relax.  The Restore, Renew & Relax Workshop involves extensive use of Yoga props (bolsters, blankets, blocks and straps). This triggers the parasympathetic nervous system or the relaxation response and healing on a much deeper level can occur physically, emotionally and mentally.

The Restorative poses and support of the props allow the body to do what it wants to do, heal, de-stress and simply restore. You will leave the Restorative practice feeling deeply relaxed, nurtured and softened. Physically and emotionally, you’ll feel , nourished, rejuvenated, calm and peaceful which will lead to more relaxation through out your day.

Whether you are dealing with physical or emotional challenges or just plain busy –  Restorative yoga is helps you connect with your body on a deeper level.

Fee $150 for a private 2 hour workshop


Exploring the Hips - In this workshop we focus on bringing awareness to the hips through breath and movement. Whether you run, dance, do yoga or sit for long hours – doing exercises to help open and release your hips is a good thing! Hip opening exercises and postures can help to create agility through the whole body and inspire an overall sense of well being. They can help improve circulation, relieve back pain and release stress and anxiety.

Fee $150 for a private two hour workshop.


Exploring the Shoulders  - In this workshop, our practice will focus on the shoulders, a very important and vulnerable area in our body. We will explore their natural movement, as well as address any issues that you might experience around the shoulder joint as well as the neck. Many of us tend to hold some tension and stress in the shoulders and neck. We will work to release tension, to create space and mobility, as well as stabilizing and strengthening the shoulder joint. Whether you experience regular tension in your shoulder and neck, or you would just like to increase the range of movement and health of your shoulders, you will learn how to move your shoulders in a way that increases their strength and integrity, as well as releasing tension in them.

Fee $150 for a private two hour workshop


Partner Prenatal Workshop is a practice for expectant mothers and a partner. The class focuses on side-by-side yoga poses and partner yoga poses. The poses help alleviate pregnancy discomforts and some poses can also be used during labor. This practice explores breath awareness, meditation, and comfort measures for labor. Your partner will also learn easy massage technique that will support relaxation during pregnancy and labor.

Fee $150 (per couple) for a private two hour workshop.


Postnatal Workshop in this workshop we will use yoga postures to help restore, refresh and relax your body. There will be a focus on breath, alignment and strength building. We will also address any specific aches and pains you might have postpartum. This workshop can be with or with out your baby. Partners may also join the workshop.

Fee $150 for a private 2 hour workshop


Rebozo Partner Prenatal workshop coming soon!!!