Scenarios: One of the beauties and mysteries of birth is how unpredictable it can be at times. Even with the best preparation, difficulties, road blocks, and complications can arise. These scenarios are great ways to practice how you (and your partner) might approach a variety of common circumstances. Scenarios


This video shows a water birth and loving, supportive, partner  Beautiful Birth Video


The Amazing Components of Breastmilk


I work in partnership with Midwife Gingi Allen and doulas Lori JaffeSusan Galloso through the art of mothering to help support families on there journey to becoming parents.

The Art of Mothering Specialities:

* Non-violent Communication & Parenting Postpartum Speciality Techniques

* Bodywork- massage, cranial sacral, & other physical healing therapies

* Traditional Indigenous Rituals & Ceremony Training

* Holistic Healing, Environmental Health, & Herbal Immune Support

* Yoga and breath work