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Partner Rebozo : Practices & Techniques

Partner Rebozo : Practices & Techniques

Led by: Hanna Malm & Itzel Rosales of Mighty Mothers

No experience necessary.

For centuries, wise people, mothers, grandmothers and midwives of Latin America have been using the rebozo in birth as a tool to increase strength, comfort and relaxation for pregnant, laboring, birthing people and new parents. The use of the rebozo for supporting pregnancy and birth is based on the ancient knowledge and observation that when a body feels relaxed, supported and safe, the natural processes of birth and the intuitive knowledge of how to move with it easily falls into place.

In this workshop both pregnant and supporting partners will learn more than rebozo techniques, they will see how the rebozo can help them truly connect by using the rebozo as a grounded, smart and loving extension of their arms and care.

We’ll cover rebozo positioning that can help:

  • Alleviate stress and common discomforts in pregnancy

  • Improve a better alignment and muscle relaxation for babies optimal positioning

  • Increase partners’ knowledge and confidence in their labor support roles

  • Relieve discomfort during long and painful labors by supporting freedom of movement

  • Support upright positioning for a shorter and easier pushing phase

  • Learn how to wear and carry your baby on your rebozo for a healthy growth and better sleep

A 4 hour long group workshop in which participants including the pregnant person and one support partner. There will be discussion, education and hands on practices. We will offer some evidence-based education about fetal positioning and how to achieve an optimal fetal position for birth.

Sign up in advance.  Space is limited.

The last day to withdraw from Partner Rebozo is 2 weeks prior to the date of the workshop. Full refund is available up to that date, no refunds after that date.

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